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19 December 2011


>> Don't be afraid to have couple.... <<

I looking for a wife,
Not a girlfriend....

I looking for a marriage,
Not a couple....

Couple in today perspective
Treat your girl like your wife ?
Treat your boy like your husband ?

Are you sure he/she is the right person,
Allah already arrange for you ?
Written in Luh Mahfuz....

While other with their couple,
While other continuously looking for their own couple,
While they confidently said to you,

"Trust us, we really were looking after each other...."


Is that a looking,
with a tendency to hooking each other ???
I'm afraid so...


Continue this path,
I'm looking for a my own couple....

With known with two names,
> A couple of marriage
> A couple after marriage

Don't be afraid,

With Allah by your side,
With a bless from both parent,
Where there is nothing to worry about,
Share and show your love,

Only for,
The person which is known,
my husband or wife....

sumber akuislam

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